Submitted 31/07/2014

Wendy Fry

Loving our body Image

by Wendy Fry

So many things contribute to having a positive body image.  The opinions that we form about ourselves and how we think others experience us can either fill us with confidence or a sense of dread.

Are you happy with your body image or do you think you need to change something to make yourself more ‘acceptable’, ‘loveable’, and ‘desirable’, ‘attractive’ or ‘worthy’?

Our body image may be influenced and may change over time dependant on age, health, physical ability, sexuality, emotional wellness, accidents, traumas as well as life experiences including negative comments made by others, comparing ourselves to others.  We are often handed down beliefs from our caregivers about how someone should look and this then goes on to become our own belief and experience.  Media also has huge influence on what is and isn’t acceptable as a body image.

Body image includes how connected we are to our bodies, how we think we look visually, how we perceive others to experience us, how we feel inside our bodies experientially also  the size and shape of our bodies in terms of how much physical space we take up all contribute to having a negative or positive body image.

What does having a good body image mean to you?

I invite you to think about the judgments you place on how you see yourself and how that makes you feel.

•    How have your experiences up to now affected your body image?
•    Is an acceptable body image for you dependant on being a certain clothing size?  If you go up or down clothing size what do you say to yourself about this?
•    How does weight influence how you perceive yourself or how you think others may judge you?  How does your weight influence your emotions?
•    Do you think that you need to look a certain way to have an acceptable body image?
•     How much responsibility do you hand over to others to make you feel good about your body image?
•    What stops you from having a more positive body image about yourself independent of another’s opinion?
•    How have you formed the beliefs about your body image, are these your own beliefs or judgments that were made about you?
•    Which parts of your body do you love, which parts do you hate and why?
•    How would your life change if you accepted yourself and your body image as it is?
•    What would that give you?

Taking time to explore where your beliefs about your own body image stem from will serve you well.  Noticing what you say to yourself about the parts of your body that you are not comfortable with, the parts of you that you may be disconnected from, the parts of you that you ignore the parts that you may be critical of can all be transformed using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.  My forthcoming book Find YOU, Find LOVE offers insightful questions about the relationship you have with yourself and therefore your body. 
Be who you are, not who you think you need to be!

Wendy Fry is an Emotional Health and Relationship Consultant.  Author of Find YOU, Find LOVE.